I have asked myself why I love cycling so much? The answer is that it is for me the metaphor of life.

  1. There is always a climb after a descent and there is always a descent after a climb = even when things go bad, it is likely they will turn better, but the opposite is also true.
  2. When you go downhill it is effortless, but if you go too fast, you risk losing control, and falling then hurts twice as much = sometimes life goes well and smooth but you take unnecessary risks and if you stretch too much you might break.
  3. The longer and steeper the climb, the harder your quads need to push on the pedals, your lungs need to breathe, you heart need to pound! = if you go for a challenging goal, you need to work hard and feel the pain, nothing comes easy!
  4. Conditions can change fast, with clouds, rain, sun, in rapid succession, especially if you live in the UK. The only think you can rely on is your commitment to hang in whatever weather and power through = things in your life come, go and change fast; it is your job to keep going, to learn to adapt and seize opportunities to enjoy when they arise.

Enjoy the ride!