Sharing feedback matters. How you share it matters even more

A wonderful way to help your co-workers and team members develop is giving them useful feedback. The culture of feedback is getting more and more traction in workplace and outside and this is great, but often we do it in a way that hinders performance rather than...

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Fuel for performance and success

No matter how many horse power your car has, it won’t move without fuel or it won’t perform at its best without the right fuel. This is also true for our careers. Most people have great education and experience in their CV/resume, even at a very early age. 20 years...

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The benefits of “stretching” yourself everyday

I found out my road bike had two broken spokes yesterday just before going out. I really wanted to get on saddle, so I quickly activated my plan B, that was riding my old hybrid bike. For those who are not bike experts, riding an old hybrid when you are used to a...

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Throughout my career, I developed a strong passion for people, teams and leadership and therefore decided to become an accredited ICF coach. I am passionate about helping people make better sense of their lives and achieve their full potential personally and professionally.

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