Career Acceleration for Managers

Enhance your managerial skills to progress up the career ladder

Who could benefit from this?

You are successful in your role but you have not yet been chosen to make it to the next level. Many successful managers are excellent at what they do and master the technical skills required by their organisation. However, the more you climb the corporate ladder, the better your managerial skills need to be. The ability to think strategically across multiple functions, confidence in managing senior stakeholders and influencing the company agenda, and effective communication are some of the areas where successful technical managers often lack the skills of great leaders. Career acceleration coaching helps to address this imbalance.

Expected outcomes

Developing soft skills as well as technical know-how is vital for those in a leadership position. Career acceleration coaching will help you develop into a well-rounded individual, ready to take the next step. You will:  

  1. Gain a clear picture of who you are as a leader, by using popular leadership assessment methods
  2. Identify areas to focus your energy on and see tangible improvements in performance in the short term

How does it work?

You’ll be supported over an extended period as you develop and refine your leadership skills:

  • 10 one-to-one sessions over the course of 6 months
  • Coaching sessions can be face to face or via Skype
  • Sessions can be held in English, Italian, Spanish and French

Why do I believe I can credibly support you on this?

I have spent over 20 years in multinational organisations. During my corporate career, I was promoted multiple times until eventually becoming the VP of Marketing for global FMCG and technology companies. I have also led a medium-sized enterprise in the role of Managing Director, where balancing business know-how with managerial skills was a daily occurrence. 

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