Life Coaching for Expats

Practical and emotional support for expats. Don’t just work abroad, make the most of your experience!

Who could benefit from this?

Managers or executives who are moving to, or who have recently moved to, a new country as part of an international assignment. The move may be with or without their families. 

Expected outcomes

A new role, a new place, a new home: all of these elements bring their own challenges. That’s why life coaching for expats has three goals, to help you make the best of your overseas experience:

  1. Personally, you might need support organising your arrival in the new country, from finding a place to call home, to choosing the right school for your children. A move abroad is more than just a new job; it means a completely new lifestyle, and it’s important to feel comfortable on domestic and personal levels so that you can perform at your best
  2. Professionally, you want to hit the ground running and maximise your impact in the short term. You might want to plan carefully the first 100 days into your new role
  3. Psychologically, you feel that you would benefit from support to navigate the inevitable mix of anxiety and excitement that characterise the transition

How does it work?

To help you prepare for the move and to settle in, coaching sessions take place over a number of months: 

  1. 6 one-to-one sessions, face to face or via Skype, over the course of 3 months
  2. Sessions can be held in English, Italian, Spanish or French

Why do I think I can credibly support you with this?

I have been an expat myself for over 10 years and I perfectly understand the personal and professional challenges that this important experience entails.

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