Career Transition Coaching for Executives

Gain confidence and a clear plan to achieve your next professional milestone

Who could benefit from this?

You are a mid- to top-level corporate executive with decades of experience and you are going through a delicate time of your life. Work or personal circumstances mean you are thinking about leaving the organisation where you have worked for a long time. You have always worked in a known professional environment and you want to find the confidence to deal with uncertainty.

Expected outcomes

Your career, though challenging, has always been a familiar and secure professional environment. You are about to step into the unknown and want to do so with confidence. Career transition coaching helps you:

  1. Move towards your new professional life with a clear plan
  2. Share experiences with people going through the same thing, if you choose

How does it work?

To enable you to make a smooth and successful career transition, the coaching will involve a mixture of one-to-one and group sessions:

  • 10 one-to-one sessions over the course of 6 months: dedicated time to defining your goals, creating a plan and reaping the rewards
  • 6 group coaching sessions over 6 months: with just 6 people per group, there are plenty of opportunities to connect with others in a similar position and to support each other as you make important changes
  • Sessions and groups can be held in English, Italian, French and Spanish

Why do I think I can credibly support you on this?

In the last six years, I have successfully made two career transitions. I have experienced the highs and lows myself and fully understand the obstacles (many of which are psychological) that stand in the way of you and your goal, and how to overcome those obstacles.

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