It does take time!

  A nice sentence I heard watching a video from Tim Robbins is: “Most people overestimate what they can achieve in 1 year, but highly underestimate what they can achieve in 10 years!”. Look back at your life and see if this is true for you. You definitely realise...

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A leadership lesson from a dad of a “special” child

For some reason, I decided only today the tell you a very personal story, hoping it will benefit as many people as possible. I am the father of twin boys born profoundly deaf and later implanted with bilateral cochlear implants, a sort of bionic computerised ear. At...

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Do you have a plan B?

Since the announcement and the subsequent cancellation of the Unilever take-over plan by Kraft Heinz, it is likely that massive lay-offs will soon be performed at Unilever. After all, with 15% operating profit margin at Unilever, vs. 23% of Kraft, there is a lot of...

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10 points check list for career transition

Are you going through career transition? If yes, I am sure going through a very delicate time of your life. Chances are you are 40, possibly 50+, and a number of different circumstances have driven you out of your job, the job for the company you have worked for quite...

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If you want to be trusted make yourself vulnerable!

How much energy to we invest on protecting our reputations strenuously at work? It is tiring, isn’t it? Always watching your back, playing the politics in the board and in big meetings. There is never space for vulnerability, for the “I don’t know” or “I am not that...

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Training on a bike is good training for life

I have asked myself why I love cycling so much? The answer is that it is for me the metaphor of life. There is always a climb after a descent and there is always a descent after a climb = even when things go bad, it is likely they will turn better, but the opposite is...

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Lessons from the waves

I had a lot of fun with my sons Zack and Dylan at the beach this past week-end in wonderful Apulia. The twins have just learned to swim and are in that frightening stage where excitement is mixed up with fear. Yesterday we had a strong northerly wind, so the day was...

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Throughout my career, I developed a strong passion for people, teams and leadership and therefore decided to become an accredited ICF coach. I am passionate about helping people make better sense of their lives and achieve their full potential personally and professionally.

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